Cougar Creek Cabin Solar Project

Summary: Customer has a 2200 sq ft cabin in the mountains near Mt. Pleasant, Utah. The cabin is used by multiple families for recreation purposes. The only power source for the cabin is via a diesel generator. 
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System Support

Here at Tycon Systems we are a team of experienced individuals that help each other to help provide world class customer support and care for our customers and distributors.  We have online tools that are available to our customers for calculating and estimating the size then type of system they need.
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PoE Lighting Applications

Power-over-Ethernet was created for delivering power and data through a single ethernet cable. PoE devices are able to send power without an AC power outlet nearby and are now being utilized in smart lighting and security surveillance; both rapidly growing markets.
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Customer Application- OmniQ

Our support team has been working with our customer OmniQ to run 2 Linux computers that are monitoring a couple of cameras.
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WEB3 Now Supports Email Alerts with Microsoft

TPDIN-Monitor-WEB3 now supports sending email alerts through Microsoft email services like and
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