Tycon Systems Now Carries LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries!

These batteries can act as direct replacements for the TPBAT12-52 and TPBAT12-9. These Lithium Batteries are lighter weight, more effective, and more efficient with 2x the useable power and 4x the cycle life. If you have a current solar
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Tycon Systems: Pioneering Innovation in Power Solutions

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, reliable and efficient power solutions are paramount. Whether it’s for industrial applications, renewable energy projects, or telecommunications systems, businesses and organizations
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Our Free System Designs!

Finding the right RemotePro solar kit or UPSPro battery backup system can seem a bit daunting.  However, Tycon Systems provides complimentary system designs so you can determine which system is best for you. In order to find the right
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The World of Fraud – A $20 Billion Dollar Industry

The World of Fraud – A $20 Billion Dollar Industry  As a reminder to accounting departments preparing to forward funds to a vendor, it is important to be suspicious of emails or texts providing new banking information. Here are some
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Sales Tips for Customers

When buying new products, it's important to review the spec sheets and ask questions. It’s best to understand the products and make sure you’re buying the right parts for your application to avoid unnecessary returns and time loss. 
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