Credit Terms

When speaking of credit terms, what is the difference between Cash, 1/10 Net 30, and Net 30?
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Receiving Freight Shipments

At Tycon we do our best to secure and package your freight so that you receive your shipment in the best possible condition. Sometimes carriers are not as careful as we would like them to be, so when receiving freight shipments from Tycon please remember to check the following...
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New! 12V 50Ah GEL SLA Battery

The TPBAT12-50 high rate valve regulated sealed lead acid (VRLA) GEL battery has been developed for long term cycle operation in harsh environments. They have a cycle life that is about 2X a typical AGM battery.
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Global Supply Chain Challenges

Many industries and top international exporting countries are experiencing harsh political turmoil, inclement weather conditions and shortages of all kinds, such as power, raw materials, workers, etc. 
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WEB3 Now Supports Email Alerts with Microsoft

TPDIN-Monitor-WEB3 now supports sending email alerts through Microsoft email services like and
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