New! 360W 24V Solar Panel

The TPS-24-360W solar panels are high efficiency 72 cell design with excellent low light performance. The panels are perfect for almost any off-grid or on-grid application.
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New! Side Pole Mount

Tycon Solar TPSM-650-SPM versatile side of pole accessory provides a method to adapt the TPSM-250x4-TP or TPSM-350X2-TP ground mount systems for pole mounting.
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NEW! RS485 Adapter for MPPT Solar Controllers!

The Tycon Solar™ TP-SC-USB-RS485 USB to RS485 adapters facilitate connectivity between a windows PC and compatible Tycon MPPT solar controllers.
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NEW! MPPT Solar Controller (TP-SC48-60P-MPPT)

NEW, MPPT Solar Controller TP-SC48-60P-MPPT to replace TP-SC48-60-MPPT.
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LARGER Aluminum Enclosure - ENC-AL-65x28x18!

We created a new enclosure for you! The sturdy outdoor enclosure is a gasket sealed aluminum enclosure designed for battery and equipment storage.
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